How To Be YOU — the Neuro Linguistic Programming way

In the beginning, we were all slumped with the idea of imperfection. That to be perfect, we have to be physically fit, intellectually equipped and emotionally stable. An all-in-one package that, as the society dictates, is what one must be to be perfect. Armed with the yearning and the craving to be one, exemplary methods are resorted into to be perfect. However, as the ladder becomes steeper, the stakes become higher and in the process, the tendency to lose the self becomes prevalent as the air we breathe. Continue reading

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In Time With Neuro Linguistic Programming

They say it just takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them but an entire life to forget them.

Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches the self of the importance of time and highlights the idea of allowing time to be a part of his life. Indeed, time would always be a part of one’s life but comprehending it is different as it calls for one’s neurological, linguistic and behavior skills to partake in the journey. In short, such enables the self to understand time and everything that comes with it.

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How Not To Expect Leads to Perfection

Sometimes we expect more from others because we are willing to do more for them. We demand more from others as we know we can do the same or even surpass what has been done for us. Motivated? Inspired? Well, partly yes but not entirely.


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My Unbelievable Journey with NLP Hypnosis

I was never a fan of hypnosis. More so, have me in a trance and be subjected to one. I want to but I am not ready. When will I be is but dependent on fate and not me. I know, I have a certain fear for the unknown. I seek to remedy myself with prescriptions and not of something that is rendered natural and meditative. Alternative medicine has never been my friend until recently.


Subjectively, I was one to lure my friend away from trying Hypnosis. I tried to talk her out of it but to no avail. She wanted to do it and she did. I was with her when she said it was time; she wanted to let go of her memories from her past that are limiting her in her present. Therefore, I went with her but I was in full-blown doubt mode as I was not a fan of hypnosis. I do not know what happened but I too subjected to the deed and ended up in the chair.

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How To Preserve your Life with the help of NLP

Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much. The mind can only process up to a certain extent thus leaving all the excess, excess. Although it seeks to appreciate the ideas and thoughts expressed by the mind, it should not be done excessively thus not only wasting words and opportunities but most of all, time.


To waste a portion of your life is like wasting your life in general. You may not know of it but the moment you do, you become prone to breaking down in pieces and be disturbed. Chaos is but one of the most feared states of the self as it connotes a self that could easily be destroyed thus emitting a sense of negativity in the self. If this happens, the self becomes fragile to an extent that it could not function as one entity.

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How Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainings Helped Me

Others say attending seminars and trainings are a waste of time, effort and more importantly, money. They say that they have other important matters to attend to than sit inside a room full of unfamiliar faces and listen to a speaker nonchalantly blabbing about making improvements in your life. More so, they say that the fee alone could already pay off part of their debts and bills and even pay for their kids’ education that seemed more important than any seminar there is.

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Taking Care Of Myself With The Aid Of NLP

I love the notion of being in love. Although I am mostly happy with my single blessedness, I am grateful for the love of the people I am mostly with. My family, friends and people I have met have been instrumental in my happy disposition despite my being single.

Taken from:

Taken from:

I admit, seldom am I jealous of the way others are of their status. Seeing them walking hand in hand with their significant other and not having a care in the world makes me miss my other half. I admit, it was a decision I had to make and owning to it was more than I could take. It made me shiver in frustration and depression hit me like thunder. I was crushed and ended up crawling for support; I yearned for emptiness of the self thus I wailed off from the prying eyes of the people who care.

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