I AM. Believing in the power of the self

I think therefore I am.

–        Rene Descartes


I am Unique. There are indeed no two (2) things alike – unless generic. Nonetheless, as far as living things are concerned, one is considered uniquely separate and distinct from another. Though not in the sense of extremities, an individual could not have the same qualities, traits or attitudes like that of the person next to him. In fact, even twins or quartets are individually varied.

Through this uniqueness, an individual is perceived to have the initiative to go forth and use this attitude to make a difference in his life and that of others. The ability to exude greatness by feeling the individuality from within is one of the reasons why we are superior to animals.

Bear in mind that, in life, nothing is certain and that when opportunity knocks, grab it before it leaves.


I am Different. Admittedly, molding and shaping behavioral patterns is easier than aiming to be a somebody amidst the many nobody’s out there. Blending in with the rest is the same as having a brain and not using it. Though sometimes it pays to be with the “in” crowd and simply act with the flow, it is better to be able to express yourself and act according to your liking. Let go of your inhibitions and embrace your freedom. Express yourself and stand your ground.

Be a person of attitude. Do not allow insecurities to rule over you. So what if she is thinner or smarter than you? Or that she has a to-die-for boyfriend or girlfriend? That does not make you less of a person – much less an individual that is different from any of them.

The brain filters preconceived notions considered fragments of reality. Learn to dissuade from false truth and appreciate the beauty of life with all its minute details.

You are you. Distinct and different from the rest! You are beautiful. You are smart. You have a body like that of the goddesses. You will have a partner that would swoon at your feet and treat you as if you were Cleopatra herself.  You have to learn to embrace, love and cherish what you have. Be happy—inside and out.

Thus, I am.


About nlpcoachingaustralia

I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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