Life is a roller coaster

I have always been fascinated with roller coaster rides. I love the thrill of its massive loops and fast-paced track that can make you all green, and puke like crazy. I do not know where I got that inkling from, but I love the ride and everything that comes with it.

Life, like roller coaster rides, is inevitably unpredictable and capricious to its core. It does not have one long paved road, much less a bumpy-less one. Indeed, life can be the scariest roller coaster ride ever.

The massive coaster track is the road we traverse in every single day. Greased with oil to prevent it from creaking, allowing the coaster to glide smoothly over it can give resemblance with our own life?

No one’s life is perfect. No smooth and well-paved life exists. In every corner, there is a bump or a roadblock. These are the problems, arguments and issues we have in life.  They create a certain degree of doubt as we try to overcome them one by one.

Warm Wishes to the one who has added fun to your life.

~ Anonymous

Some of us carry the intensity of a problem or issue in the negative, while others do it in the opposite. Furthermore, at times we are too attached with the bump or roadblock that we forget how to have fun and let the world glide beneath our feet. Sometimes it pays to think but most of the time, it is best to let it all flow.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, aims to help an individual have a happy and contented life.  NLP is actually more than a tool, it is a powerful technology that directs an individual to accept and embrace change in his life. Change, as an inevitable factor in life, would help man achieve and live the life he has always wanted. Though disruptive for some, the presence of change could definitely result in a productive life ahead.

In honor of the International Roller Coaster Day, have a go at a roller coaster and feel the thrill of the ride. Open your eyes and enjoy. For a while there, do not think. Free your mind of any negativity and feel the world glide under your feet. Enjoy the feeling of being lifted off the ground. Savor the moment when negativity is just a mere thought. Have just plain genuine fun.


About nlpcoachingaustralia

I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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