Satisfy your inner self with the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming

I admit, I am one of you. Yes, you. Like you, I overdo things and exhaust myself to its fullest potential before I admit defeat. I over think on minute details and blow them off proportion and  I over indulge myself on the good things like food, drinks and material possessions that, at the end of the day, all I have is temporary high and still end up craving for more. In other words, I am never contented and never fully satisfied.

I do not know how to stop nor do I know if there is a need to. All I know is that I have to satisfy my [own] needs, desires and wants. I have to be able to feel fulfilled and pleased before I stop.

However, in the long run, you get to think through the situation and back off from the limelight. Get yourself ready to diagnose the whole picture and give yourself a break from the disparity you have formed in the eyes of the others. A utilitarianism point of view coming in from the self but a futile attempt to cover selfish needs from the perception of the general public.

How do we devoid the public with preconceived notions without having to alter our selves? Easy and with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) it is possible.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity is one of the most powerful methods in helping the self satisfy its desires, needs and wants but without having to sacrifice the need to belong with others. Simply put, we need to be able to learn how to mold the self according to how we would like to live our own lives and at the same time be at par with others. Though our lives are our responsibility, we have to be mindful of how we are to perceive, interpret and process raw details, information and facts about our surroundings and life in general.  Through this, we can communicate well with our own self and others as well.

NLP is a helpful method for relieving us with disheartening and temporary satisfaction that we get from worldly possessions all around. It enables us to further understand the self and at the same time create a striking balance between our innate self and the external world.

The moment we become engaged with the world, we become lost with the vast opportunities that would help us develop the self but not truly satisfying what we really want. In the first place, what is it that we really want? Have we even stopped and think of this?

Do not be deceived by the happiness we experience. In truth, we only become happy because we think we are, but in reality, we are not. We become possessed with the idea of temporary happiness that we become obsessed with momentary bliss. We forget to appreciate the lingering feeling of being contented and satisfied.

We may not agree to this notion completely but this is what we are experiencing now. I do not intend to suggest a life of hibernation but it would be better for the nourishment of our mind, body and soul to get in-touch and re-connect with our innate self before we begin searching for happiness outside. Be prudent enough to embrace the totality of yourself and start anew. Learn to love yourself more each and every single waking day of your life.

Therefore, learn to embrace the value of yourself before putting material and irrelevant things on a pedestal. Be satisfied and see amazing changes unfold before you.

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I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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