Who is going to complete my world?

When people are meant to be, no matter what the relationship may be, the universe will always find a way to bring them together.

–        Anonymous from the Internet


Yearning has always been part of human existence. We yearn and search for food, clothes, shelter and people to be with. However, one notion of yearning lies on the search for the perfect individual to complete us. We yearn to have a partner in life so perfect that the cliché ‘collect and select’ becomes a mantra for some. However, are we not complete on our own?

Humans as we are, we seek to be complete. We aim to be complete. However, the only way to be [complete] is to find it elsewhere.  We exude greatness outside of our force fields and neglect our own innate greatness. The very fact that we take our own selves for granted only proves that we do not trust our own self.

“You complete me” in its entirety makes me sick. Do not get me wrong but I feel as if it only worsens the fact that we take our selves for granted.

Personally, I believe that we, as individuals, are already complete. We are a complete entity; a complete package. We can and could withstand anything despite being alone. Our very existence proves that indeed, we are complete. We have the capacity to be alone despite the need to belong, the aptitude to think despite external pressures and the competence to act despite societal norms.

Indeed, all of us fear living alone. We aim for another individual to complete us. However, in cases of loss, we slave ourselves with the fear of the unknown. Life becomes meaningless. We question the unfairness of life without crediting its fairness. We divulge part of our existence towards nonchalant issues and seek revenge to those who have hurt us. We become frustrated of the fact that we are left behind.

The truth of the matter is that, that despite the loss, we are still complete. We are complete. We just have to accept the fact that although we were left behind, we can still function as a complete individual – capable of thinking, feeling and yearning.

Ergo, we have to stop thinking that we need another individual to complete us. We are already complete. I am complete. You are complete.

So, who is going to complete me? No one. I have myself.

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I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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