A love story of the self through Neuro Linguistic Programming

The last time I asked for a sign, I was given you. I had the most beautiful sunrise the moment I met you. My days then dragged as if they had no end. Clocks turned senile on me every time I was with you. And when we were apart, I sought for my sanity as I felt you had a part of me that made me incomplete.

That is a typical love story of someone who was obviously hit by the love bug.  Regardless of gender, when in love, everything seems to fall into place — simple gestures are exaggerated to mean more than the usual and words spoken become music to the ears.

At times, we think of the many possibilities of love. Its true definition remains a big mystery even after all the heartaches we have been through. Love, in all its sense, is but a rip-off of our quest to belong. We search for it not to feel complete, but to fill in the void of belonging and to feel appreciated.

In truth, we crave for attention and appreciation. We may not be aware of it, but at the end of the day, we want to hear praises and acknowledgement. We yearn for fame and glory, and the best way to get it is by being appreciated

However, isn’t it best to appreciate yourself first before you yearn for appreciation from others? Appreciate and gratify your very being before you allocate part of it for others – this is the ideal scenario.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP teaches us the value of appreciating and satisfying the self before anything else. NLP aims to establish a certain rapport with the innate and external self in order to enable you to share a part of your self with others. In other words, NLP aims to teach us that it is best to first be happy with ourselves before we can make others feel the same.

This notion applies to life in general, more so in the context of love. You might feel unaffected, but in truth, you are affected. We are all affected. We cannot deny the fact that we see love and the very act of loving someone as a way of completing ourselves. We seek to be complete because we believe that once we are complete we can be happy.

NLP emphasizes the point that in order to be happy, you should be innately and genuinely comfortable with yourself, thus able to exude happiness from within. And if you are truly happy, you are able to impart your happiness to others as well.

Therefore, satisfy your own desires, yearnings, goals, and objectives before sharing a part of yourself with others. This does not only appertain to love and life, but also the ability to create a connection with others. Learn to be complete and then make others feel your completeness.

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