Discover the rationality of life through Neuro Linguistic Programming

According to the German philosopher and sociologist, Jurgen Habermas, disclosing the likelihood of reason is possible in lieu of pursuing human rational interest. The possibility of reason or the state of having good sense and sound judgment could help an individual develop his communicative rationality in reference to living the life he has always wanted.

Jurgen Habermas

Jurgen Habermas

To wit, with reason comes rationality and with rationality comes the ability to understand and comprehend the innate self. It is important to remember that gratification and success of the self could only be achieved through a well-balanced inner self. Given its importance, it is but inevitable to satisfy the self above all.

Sensory data and neurological processes help formulate perceptions that are used in order to communicate with others. Communication here plays a vital role in establishing a bond and forming relationships with other beings. Through communication, rationality is exercised thus enabling man to grow.

Growth here exemplifies the need to see beyond the usual and perceive the world beyond the obvious. With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for brevity, this is possible. What NLP does is that is enables man to rationalize thus warranting a smooth and reasonable communication with others. Bear in mind that communication is not just a form of discourse but rather it helps man develop his intellectual capacity in order to realize his existence.

The moment an individual communicates, his intellectual, emotional and perceptional ability to decipher raw sensory data are put to a test. A test as it forms part of the conversation that would take place and help him grasp on the interplay of words between them. Through this, understanding enables him to comprehend and send back his feedback on the given topic thus warranting communication to take place.

The good thing about NLP is that it aids man in eliminating predisposed notions of the world according to his limited ability to comprehend the world. Although not to pun upon man’s limitation but because of such, he becomes enclosed and unable to grope upon the intensity of the world.

Man, though limited, has the capacity to be rational, reasonable and logical. Through such, he is able to overcome any kind of encumbrances that would hinder his growth. He need not dwell on stagnation as it would devoid him of character. He needs to be attuned with his innate self in order to be the very person he aspires to be and eventually live the life he has always wanted.


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