Tell Tale and NLP

Tell a Tale NLP

Time has never been our best friend—not even our friend. Either it takes us off course or keeps us on track, but it is always not on our side. People who value it would agree that time is definitely of the essence while, on the contrary, those who do not know what to do with theirs would just shrug its importance. In other words, we have our own interpretation of it and only we know what to do with it.

More often than not, we disregard time’s importance. We know it exists, but we never did care to value it. The instance that we do would imply that we are struggling over a particular circumstance that made an impact in our lives, which at the same time woke our senses with respect to it. We only acknowledge it because either we were affected either negatively or positively.

Beings as we are, we have the tendency to disregard the present and dwell on the past. More so, we neglect to foresee the future because we are too afraid to set limits or boundaries in our lives. We like to think that we are free and act accordingly. However, we must remember that we are limited—whether we like it or not, we are. And time is one limitation that is hard, if not impossible, to overcome.
Linearity, or the property of having one dimension, works like our lives. We have a vision to fulfill and a mission to conquer in order to attain our goals and overcome our objectives. We have set our ends and currently work the details towards it. In other words, we know what we want and how to attain it, but because life is uncertain, we have to deal with it before we reach our end.

Life does not work like a ruler. It is not a single straight line that would lead and extend to where we want it to be, but rather it is convex; it bulges and reflects outward without our control. In other words, life is not linear nor will it ever be, but because of our ability to think logically, reasonably, and rationally, we can bend the convex as far as possible and make it work to our advantage.

However, bending life according to our preference is one task that would merit more than what we already have. In other words, it seeks to imply a succession and continuum that would enable us to participate and at the same time anticipate life in all its essence.

Therapy is one way of enabling the self to learn how to control time and create our own line that would bring us to greater heights. Specifically designed to help mold the self to be the person he wants to be and realize his being, such programs and trainings can help improve the wellbeing of an individual without having to rely on the propensity of life itself. Simply put, it serves as the dais in relation to achieving the life that he has always wanted.

Discover NLP and engage your life on a journey like no other.


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I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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