Think, Do, and Act with NLP


To is to be. Not that it warrants an intellectually stimulating interpretation, but such implies a deeper sense of comprehension that could invoke a certain degree of action on the person involved. To here implies a verb, thus the act of doing something. On the other hand, to be here connotes a level of achievement that simply refers to the result of the action done. Simply put, it means doing something and becoming another.

It is not every day that one gets the opportunity to be in touch with his psyche or subconscious. More so, it is not every day that one is able to take action for his ideas, thoughts, and decisions. More often than not, one falls into a trap – he thinks of one thing, believes another, and does the total opposite. Such shows how fickle-minded and uncertain humans are.

Through control, one would be able to do what he wants and be who he wants to be. In other words, it would enable him to exude discipline in himself, thus warrant a more settled and fixed mindset. Though fix is an understatement, it shall be understood as something that deals with the anticipation of the self to fulfill and satisfy the innate self. Simply put, it exemplifies the need to be innately satisfied over and above everything else.

Personally, I am at fault when it comes to thinking, acting, and owning my actions. More so, I am as fickle-minded as anybody else. I change my mind as often as I change my phone casing. Simply put, I never stick to my thoughts unless I have dissected it to pieces and thoroughly thought of its possible consequences. In short, I tend to weigh everything else before I decide.

Just like NLP, it takes into consideration the whole picture and the details that come with it. It implies that one is able to control his self and in return warrant the life that he has always wanted. More so, NLP seeks to impart upon the individual the intensity and impact of being able to control and discipline the self in accordance with the quest for a better life.

Indeed, to is to be. It may not embody the totality of the self or the being of an individual, but it enables the innate self and the psyche to be in tune with each other. More so, it enables one to be receptive to the world and at the same time realize the value of his life per se.

Thus, do not be afraid to commit mistakes and experience failure. Try and continue searching for what you really want.

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