What Is Life? An NLP Testimonial

Enabling the self to understand life is like asking a 1 year old to solve a complicated mathematical equation. It is much like deciphering each and every node of the Pyramids of Giza. In other words, to be able to understand life warrants an understanding that the world, like life per se, is decipherable.

Since time immemorial, the pursuit to define and fathom the totality of life has been one of the most sought after quests embarked by many. Philosophers and great thinkers of their time have been searching high and low for the perfect definition that could encapsulate the totality of life per se. However, after eons, the definition remains a mystery thus nobody knows what life really is.

In this day and age, do we still need to define what life is or is it self-explanatory to begin with? It does not take a genius to understand what life is. Indeed, life is not so complicated or simple to begin with. Confused? Be not and read on.

Life is life. It is indefinable or would it ever be fathomed. Life is the life that we have. It is the one that we are presently living. In other words, life is what and how you live yours. The definition of life remains subjective thus there is no one perfect definition of it. Simply put, the very meaning of life depends on how you live yours.

Although we crave for a definite word or phrase or even statement that summarizes what life is, we should not forget that life is what we make of it. The moment we take it for granted and neglect it shows how irresponsible we are of our lives. More so, the unworthiness of our life is directly associated with the way we mold and shape our lives accordingly.

With the presence of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity), one is able to life the life that he has always wanted. NLP here allows the furtherance of the innate self in relation to its goals and objectives. In short, life remains dependent on the formulated and preconceived goals and objectives that allow the self to grow together with the world. NLP here assures that the self is able to see beyond the usual and understand the world without hindrances.

The moment the individual embraces and accepts NLP in his life, it permits him to be responsive to the world, to himself and the others around him. Thus, the presence of NLP enables him to establish rapport and develop relationships that contribute to his growth.

Thus, stop looking for the perfect definition of life. Instead, live your life accordingly and internalize on the intensity of your life per se.

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I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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