Eliminating Negativity In The Self With The Help Of Time Line Therapy®

To feel regret or remorse has been an inevitable part of our lives. The moment we regret implies that we have pending tasks or activities that could have contributed to how we live our lives now. In other words, we always look back and have the tendency to dwell on the past.

Without us thinking, we have the ability to forget about the present and let go of the future and instead ponder on the past. In short, we like to take a journey back to when things were supposed to be right or perfect for us. We like going back in time and seeking comfort from those events that have already transpired becomes our past time. Simply put, we hinder ourselves in realizing the value of the present and that of the future because of our past.

Starting anew is possible; let alone discarding the last chapter of our lives. It is easy to begin with but hard to sustain. To warrant sustenance implies that the self is profoundly and innately processed according to the dictates of raw information from our sensory organs. Simply put, the self is innately empowered thus allowing it to understand and at the same time comprehend the essence of the self, others and world.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a method of self-improvement that is easy to learn and apply in life. It primarily deals with the enhancement of the self thus implying growth and development. Cordially, it seeks to help the individual understand the intensity of life with the way he interprets and comprehends the world as it is. In short, it helps the self maintain a positive outlook and eliminate the negativity in him.

As far as life is concerned, NLP is devised to lead the individual to excellence thus allowing him to feel both satisfied and gratified at the same time. The level of which it works is innate thus allowing growth to be inculcated and start from the innate self. In this way, the self is able to work hand in hand with the external (world) that he is in.

This is a quintessential of the self. To have the ability to deal with the self, others and the world innately exemplifies the ability of the self to comprehend the totality of the situation rather than just in parts. Indeed, it is one major advancement in the self to be able to deal and understand the big picture thus eliminating the occurrence of negative consequences and others.

In addition, NLP helps the self let go and forget about the past. The idea behind this lies on the fact that the past should be rendered done and should be forgotten. Nonetheless, the past could still be used in relevance to ‘fixing’ and improving the present and future; to halt the re-occurrence of the past.

Thus, it is okay to feel regret and remorse once in a while but, if you must, lessen the trip back to the past. Enjoy the present and ponder on the future.

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