My Life Is A Book With NLP

Book with NLP

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Starting a new year is like starting a new life. It allows past chapters to be closed and new ones to be filled. Eliminating hurtful past events and building memories that could help in the development of the self is how a new year looks like. More so, it could mean infinite possibilities and opportunities that could help the self discover who he really is.

The moment we shed off our skin signifies our readiness to start anew. Indeed, to be able to recognize our defeat and accept our mistakes allows us to be capable of understanding what we really need. To say need illustrates our innate requirements in enabling the development we are yearning for. Indeed, requirements as we are always in motion and embarking in our personal journey to discover life in general.

Turning the pages allows the shifting of our cognitive reasoning and sifting of emotions. We become adept to the development of the self through the way we process raw data from our senses and in return, express what we truly feel without hindering the self. Simply put, we become able in relation to our quest to convey our ideas and thoughts accordingly.

Subjectively, I am not one with enough courage to face the music and dance with it. Most often than not, I keep to myself thus I become frustrated and depressed. As they say, I create my own closet monster thus it is difficult for me to let go. I keep my closet full to a brink and regret all at once. Yes, I hoard my feelings and keep them to myself without having the ability to control myself and listen to what I really need.

However, as I face another year, I begin to wonder if others are feeling my pain, too. Are they also incapable of expressing themselves thus resulting to anxiety and immense depression? If so, what do they do?

To start the year right, I have stumbled upon the teachings of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have learned to accept my flaws and at the same time discover how to live the life that I have always wanted. How? Simple, NLP teaches and at the same time, encourages the self to be in tune with both the conscious and subconscious part of the brain thus allowing growth to root from within. It seeks to exemplify the ability of the self to partake in a journey that could aid him in his quest for a better life.

In addition, NLP allows the self to cognitively be alert. It seeks to eradicate perceptions and preconceived notions without having to rely on external dictates. In short, NLP paves the way for improvement to stem from within in order to help the self be at par with his preferences. Simply put, he is able to live the life that he has always wanted.

I know, it would take time for me to truly understand and comprehend NLP. Armed with my gusto to improve, I believe, I would be who I really am – in due time.


About nlpcoachingaustralia

I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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