My Perfect Me And NLP

No one can bring me down even if they want to. I am my own great wall thus I am not easily broken. I may experience turbulence, some rain on my parade but never will I let it come to a point wherein I am drowning and cannot escape my own pool.

Yes, I am my own hero. I believe that amidst the many other individuals that makes my life completely incomplete, I have myself to depend on—all the time. Indeed, I am a thinking being capable of logic and rationality. I am able to function as one thus, I am always on the move. However, it is not all that there is for my being.

leap of awesomeness

Me jumping off a 40 feet pole.

Although I am capable of exceeding my limitations, I am still caught up with such. In other words, I am still lost and creeping my way through understanding my very existence. I am nowhere near the perfection that I want and envisioned to be. However, I know that I can exceed all that hinders my growth and development.

With the presence of self-help books and various trainings in the field of behavioral science, one is able to understand the veracity of the need to improve the self. To say the least, the need to comprehend and tame the self is but one of the most serious problems in the world. More and more individuals are starting to give up and decay as they lose hope in their lives. Simply put, there exists a broader and wider market that is hungry to be innately nourished and externally adept to the impending demands of the society.

Since the seventies, the word Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, has been used to aid in the betterment of the self amidst the many issues that surrounds it. It mainly appertains to the development of the self through neurological processes and linguistic skills that are programmed and instilled in the self in order for development to partake in. Simply put, the self is being exposed through the many trainings and seminars that are deemed helpful for his quest to have the life that he has always wanted.

In addition, NLP disallows the self to stagnate. In short, it seeks for the movement of the self thus allowing it to grow and develop in a manner that is relevant to his objectives and goals in life. Furthermore, the self is able to realize his strengths and better his weaknesses as it aims to be accepted and recognized by the many other entities other than himself.

Indeed, the development of the self is but one major issue even now. We may be in a technologically advanced and influenced era but the need to adhere to the call for the nourishment of the self must still be given top priority.

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I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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