Taking Care Of Myself With The Aid Of NLP

I love the notion of being in love. Although I am mostly happy with my single blessedness, I am grateful for the love of the people I am mostly with. My family, friends and people I have met have been instrumental in my happy disposition despite my being single.

Taken from: blossom-bloomshadow.blogspot.com

Taken from: blossom-bloomshadow.blogspot.com

I admit, seldom am I jealous of the way others are of their status. Seeing them walking hand in hand with their significant other and not having a care in the world makes me miss my other half. I admit, it was a decision I had to make and owning to it was more than I could take. It made me shiver in frustration and depression hit me like thunder. I was crushed and ended up crawling for support; I yearned for emptiness of the self thus I wailed off from the prying eyes of the people who care.

It was one ordeal I was happy to make. Believe it or not, I was happy to have undergone such. I may have been in the loop for quite some time but I ended up standing up and making my way back up. After a steady flow of tears, I have seen the sun shine again. Now with its radiance I feel a brand new morning, a brand new life, a brand new me.

Looking innately inside and helping myself on my own, I also aided myself with techniques I learned from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for brevity) and learned to empower myself even before. At first, I was adamant to do such but as I was learning to apply it in my life, I have accepted that being NLP equipped has been one of my pillars to gain back my life and move on further.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for brevity, encapsulates the very essence of having a life beyond one’s imagination. It highlights the ability of the self to acquire knowledge and skills as to the development and nourishment of the self as a whole. Yes, in a holistic manner to ensure a self that is both innately and externally accepting of the many demands of the world.

In addition, NLP helps the self to be reactive more than it being active. Simply put, with an NLP learned self, one is assured of a better understanding of the world and of life per se. This in tow, the self is capable of experiencing love and being loved in return; a humanly characteristic that is dominantly yearned for by all.

Although words have been used to demoralize love still do not be swooned away and repel the feeling of being in love and loved in return. Let the feeling entice and enthrall you at the same time. Love freely and unconditionally. Most of all, never let regret meddle in.

You, have you ever been in love?


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