How Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainings Helped Me

Others say attending seminars and trainings are a waste of time, effort and more importantly, money. They say that they have other important matters to attend to than sit inside a room full of unfamiliar faces and listen to a speaker nonchalantly blabbing about making improvements in your life. More so, they say that the fee alone could already pay off part of their debts and bills and even pay for their kids’ education that seemed more important than any seminar there is.

Well, I admit, I was adamant and unapologetic of having to think of seminars and trainings negatively. I just do not see the point of sitting down and listening when you can act and do what you have to help yourself improve. More so, I see that sitting down could not help me with my problems, in any way, it could only worsen it. Making me realize my mistakes is like rubbing my eyes with a sharp object and making me see what I have opted not to see. It feels like having to walk through your nightmare alone without someone by your side.

The NLP Trainer's Training of the Tad James Co

However, Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainings (NLP Trainings) are not what I have perceived them to be. To begin with, such trainings are not boring; they make you happy and excited as you realize on the gravity of the importance of your life. You do not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but you are able to hold it in your hands.

One major point of contention lies on its method of teaching. I say teaching as you are learning not only with your ears and eyes but with your hands too. Yes, hands – on is how they make the participants participate. In short, there is that personal feel while learning thus lessening the development of a chair-butt relationship that most training guarantee. In addition, who could top their earn-and-learn approach? Yes, you learn to earn and earn to learn. You are taught to improve yourself and be who you have always wanted to be and in return help others in the process of discovering their own selves.

 Nevertheless, it does not stop there. At the end of the training, you are certified thus giving you worldwide recognition and with that comes the opportunity to teach others and be a coach or a personal coach to be exact. Through such cycle, you are not only helping them realize their existence but more so, help yourself to live the life that you have always craved for – like hitting two birds with one stone.

Still the frustration got to me because I was not good at expressing my thoughts and talking in front of people that I do not know. Although I was excited of the opportunity, I was also nervous, as I do not know what to do. Nevertheless, the Tad James Co is not erased from the picture after you are certified. They offer support even after you have graduated thus you are able to call and ask them for further inquiries – a guaranteed support that would surely be of help to anyone.

Thus, worry not and help yourself help others to help you. Have the courage to take the opportunity before it is too late. Start now and see your future unfold before you.


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I am a passionate student of philosophy and enjoys exploring the many facets of life. I take pleasure in reading a good book while sipping his cup of coffee.
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