How To Be YOU — the Neuro Linguistic Programming way

In the beginning, we were all slumped with the idea of imperfection. That to be perfect, we have to be physically fit, intellectually equipped and emotionally stable. An all-in-one package that, as the society dictates, is what one must be to be perfect. Armed with the yearning and the craving to be one, exemplary methods are resorted into to be perfect. However, as the ladder becomes steeper, the stakes become higher and in the process, the tendency to lose the self becomes prevalent as the air we breathe.

Weight loss methods, smoking, anxiety attacks, depression and low self esteem seems to surface as the need to belong heightens. If before we just need to be friendly and approachable to be able to build rapport and establish connection with others, nowadays, we must be more than ourselves to be accepted and feel belonged.

Yoda advices neuro linguistic programming.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, hereinafter referred to as NLP, sees to it that the self if both innately and externally empowered before it is to partake in the fulfillment of his goals and objectives in life. NLP seeks to seal in the much needed boost of the self in relation to the unpredictable encumbrances that might break him into pieces. The possible breakage might be the cause of his pain thus making him vulnerable as he is fragile at the same time. He could be prone to disruptions and outbursts that could render his life unworthy of recognition – something that one aims for in the fulfillment of his being.

Tragic steps are undertaken and an overhaul of the self seems to be the best and only way to be appreciated and recognized. One’s feelings and state of mind is foregone, as the need to be accepted by the majority is the main goal that needs to be accomplished. Although to belong is a need, it must not be the end of it all as it is only a step in the ladder and not the dais at the top. To say the least, one’s self-actualization where both the innate and external self is at ease and is completely incomplete, is what each of us must yearn for and nothing else as our happiness is dependent on our ability to be innately empowered and externally able to withstand the many demands of our environment.

With the help of NLP, the self becomes sturdy and more of a fighter than a slave. It is able to assert his wants and satisfy his needs in relation to his aim to be a someone and not just a somebody in the crowd. He may not be as famous as the others and live a luxurious life but with NLP, he is able to live the life that he has always wanted thus enabling the fulfillment of his goals and objectives in life – through this process, he becomes solely in control of his life and nobody else.

Thus, NLP is not only an improvement method but it also aims to inspire and motivate the self to be better than the best that it could ever be.

Be NLP equipped and learn to be in total control of yourself.

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