Moving On And NLP


People may hate you, break you, shake you and rate you. But how strong you stand is what makes you. The decision whether to take all the battering and make it a part of your life is still dependent upon your prerogative. You are your own limitation thus you are responsible for every pain and regret in your life. Indeed, this is true as nobody will ever be conscientious and accountable for the actions that you make.

Believe me, it takes one to know one. I have been in the loop for a number of times and all I got in the end was regret and my pair of tear-drenched hankies. Falling in love is indeed one tough job to accomplish. It takes more than will power to keep up with the demands of love and of the one you love. It leaves you all exhausted and tired but empowered at the same time. Although you are one to experience a different sense of cycle and transformation in the self, you are also able to adjust to the many demands of change both in your innate and external self. Continue reading

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Beyond Life’s Border With NLP

Whatever reason you may have for wanting to escape, be it be normal or out of this world, you would soon realize that you are escaping not for somewhere else but from something. The moment you acknowledge the fact of wanting to let go of whatever is holding you back, you would soon wander and take off. No specific plans, as we are all capable of, and with just a fistful of hope on our backs, we pack up and expect the unexpected.

No map on hand thus the journey becomes one big mystery. It is like making our way through the dense forest and the expectations of seeing a convenience store in the next alley appears to be more of an oasis than reality. We traverse into the unknown and fear of such builds up as we seek refuge. As much as we want to, we cannot seem to find a shelter or someone who could be of help. Thus, we revert to our own self to help find our way. Continue reading

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My Perfect Me And NLP

No one can bring me down even if they want to. I am my own great wall thus I am not easily broken. I may experience turbulence, some rain on my parade but never will I let it come to a point wherein I am drowning and cannot escape my own pool.

Yes, I am my own hero. I believe that amidst the many other individuals that makes my life completely incomplete, I have myself to depend on—all the time. Indeed, I am a thinking being capable of logic and rationality. I am able to function as one thus, I am always on the move. However, it is not all that there is for my being. Continue reading

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Hey you.


Yes, you.

Are you lost and weary?

Why are you crying? Hurt? Pained?

What seems to be the problem?

Can I be of help?

I wonder how you really are

Deep inside I mean

I can see you smile

But with no sparkles in the eyes

I can hear you laugh

But no crispiness to it

I just want to know

Are you innately happy?

You say you are

But in truth, I know, you are not

You try to be

But you fail to hide it

Have you heard of NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Yes, that one.

So, do you know what it does?

I know NLP could be of help

It can help you

Let you rediscover yourself

Be innately happy, too

Indeed, it is effective

It can bring you back your old self

You can be happy again

And this time, longer

Stop worrying too much

Enjoy life and the many mysteries in it

Smile and relive the sparks

Hear yourself laugh out loud

Do not give a care about  them

Think about your well-being

Learn more at

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Începând Cu Un Nou Neuro Linguistic Porgramming

(Starting a new you with Neuro Linguistic Programming)

start a new you with NLP

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Starting a new year is like starting a new chapter in your life. It is like leaving the previous page and starting a new. However, humans as we are, we are fond of re-reading the past pages and dwelling on them even if we have already read them. In other words, we like the journey to the past thus we always end up frustrated and yearn for a repeat rather than an elimination.

Indeed, to eliminate the past in our lives is one tough act to do. It entails more than will power and dedication to be able to restrain the self from taking that crucial step back. Crucial here implies something that is dangerous as re-reading past encounters could verily destroy the present life one has. Continue reading

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Enjoying The Colors Of Life With NLP

color of life NLP

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We all want to experience happiness. But none of us wants to be in pain. All we want is the feeling of ecstasy without having to think about the possible consequences that may come with it. In short, we all want to traverse in a paved road and not in one that is rough and rocky.

Indeed, we all aim for a life of pure bliss; one that is rainbow filled and positively charged. However, we should bear in mind that life is not always about happiness; that there would come a time where life could turn upside down without one knowing it. Continue reading

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Doing And Owning Life With Neuro Linguistic Programming

A year from now, you will wish that you started now. You would look back with regret lurking in your eyes and would soon realize that you let a grand opportunity slip away. You would end up blaming yourself for not taking the risk and started as early as the year before. Now, you are slumped with questions after another in relevance to the things that might have already happened if not only for your lazy self.

Continue reading

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